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Five Questions For You

Dear Christian Parent Who Spanks,

I understand that you believe that God desires for parents to hit their children. Even though I disagree with you on this, I beg you to please stick with me for a few more minutes. I have a few questions for you that I sincerely believe will help me to reach a better understanding of your perspective.

Your staying?! Thank you.

Here goes!

Question #1: Do you believe a diet high in saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol is correlated with developing high cholesterol?

Question #2: If yes, how did you come to possess this belief?

Question #3: If you came to possess this belief by information gleaned from doctors (who gleaned it from studies), why do you respect this information?

Question #4: Are you aware that numerous studies are showing that spanking children is correlated with negative outcomes? If you are not aware of them, I have included a few links here:

Question #5: Do the studies on cholesterol carry more weight in your mind than the studies on the negative impacts of spanking children? Why or why not?

I want to hear from you! Please comment below or contact me privately at graceformysheep  at gmail dot com.

Thank you very much for taking the time to engage in this discussion.

Your sister in Christ,



18 Reasons Why My Parenting Won’t Impress You

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1. My child does not sleep for more than four hours straight. Or maybe he does? I don’t know. I am not counting.

2. I am not stressed out by #1.

3. I will not ask you (or any “baby sleep experts”) to help me “train” my child to know that his needs are not important to me after 7:30 pm or during scheduled nap times.

4. My child sleeps in my bed with myself and my husband.

5. My husband and I love #4.

6. My child nurses when he falls asleep, when he wakes up, when he gets hurt/scared/frustrated, and any other time he expresses that he needs to.

7. I will allow my child to nurse until he decides that he no longer needs to.

8. I prioritize my child’s need to nurse anytime, anywhere over your desire to live in denial that breasts were designed to feed babies and young children.

9. I am much more concerned with allowing my child to freely explore his child-safe surroundings than I am teaching him the meaning of the word “no.”

10. I will not teach my child to blindly obey you, simply because you are an adult. Pharaoh, Lot’s Wife, and Jezebel were adults too.

11. I will never flick, slap, hit, or otherwise inflict physical pain purposefully on my child.

12. I will teach my child that flicking, slapping, hitting, or otherwise inflicting physical pain on those who are smaller, weaker is not Christ-like in any and every circumstance.

13. My child is not a “good baby.” He sometimes cries when I leave him and always seeks immediate contact with me when I return. I am very thankful about this “inconvenient” reality. It is indicative of a secure attachment, whereas a “good baby” can be indicative of an insecure attachment.

14. I incorporate research into my parenting choices, as well as the Word. You might find this wrong, but please keep in mind that I do not judge your incorporation of science into your medical choices.

15. I will teach my child that his penis is a wonderful gift from God. I will not shame him for touching a part of himself that society wants him to consider “dirty.”

16. I will never send my child away from me – to a corner, to his room – when he has made a wrong choice.

17. I extend grace to my child when he has made a wrong choice just like the Lord extends grace to me.

18. I do not miss your approval of me enough to change #1-17.