Destined To Be Needy

Something from this past summer for the archives.

Dear Evan,
The past two nights you and I have awoken every 1-2 hours on average and sometimes as often as every 45 minutes.
These are the kind of nights that our “me first” culture uses as ammunition to tempt your momma to leave you in a crib down the hall to scream and cry alone. Supposedly this trauma will teach you to “self-soothe,” to be independent, and to be less needy. But my son I have prayed for so much more for you. So much more.
Because the truth is that mankind can never “self soothe” and be independent. Instead, we are utterly and irreparably needy. So I pray every day that God will instill in you, even when you are a grown man and your sweet baby rolls have melted away, a heart that can only be soothed by Him, rather than one that is clouded in a false sense of personal wherewithal.
Broken and mired in sin, all of us are destined to be needy. All of us. So be it 7 months, 7 years, or 7 decades, I will come to you, day or night, in the sincere hope that you will not learn to fear your human neediness. And in these times I will hold you close, dry your tears, and speak softly to you about the One whose arms are safer and whose words are wiser. Together we will run to Him.


*Originally written June 9, 2013

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